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Deb Villarese

I’ve heard it said that a “closed mind” can cost you $Millions!  In my case, truer words were never spoken.  Because I was open to a concept, and open to change, my “open mind” has made me millions,  allowed me to travel the world , and given me a lifestyle that many only dream of.  Here is my story:

When the children were little, I worked as a seamstress tailor from home and on weekends in retail stores.  It allowed me to being in an income and raise my own children, especially since my son Todd was plagued with Asthma from the day he was born. 

By the time he was 1 year old, he had been in the hospital 5 times with pneumonia.  He continued chronic asthma for the next 7 years.  Our goal was to keep him "well" longer between bouts of asthma attacks.  He was on bronchial dilators and really strong meds that kept him from sleeping. Frankly, I was always exhausted. 


Doctors were good at medically managing him, but they never spoke of curing or finding the cause. They were taught to calm the symptom. They weren’t there in the middle of the night when he was gasping for air and I was sticking his head in the freezer because the cold air was easier to breath.

While at my “job” and  doing some hand sewing and nodding off to sleep, my boss mentioned that I was way too young to be so tired.  After a few questions she wondered what I used for cleaners and if I had ever noticed any corresponding symptom with his illness. She explained more about the toxins in the chemical cleaners, the possible mold in the house, the out –gassing of all the things in the home. ( NOTE: this is where my “open” made me millions.)

Frankly I was too tired to tell her all the things I had done, and if it was so simple as to change my cleaners, “wouldn’t the Doctors have told me that?” I had nothing to lose and if this was what was causing his asthma attacks every three weeks or less, it would certainly be worth a try. ( I had been using Basic-H as a spot cleaner at work, and I was very impressed with how well it worked) 100% money back guarantee, and I knew her heart…. she wouldn’ steer me wrong. 

Not only did the products work, but I found so many more side benefits. My son’s allergies reduced immensely, our septic tank was healthier, my house had a shine that it had never had before, we had fewer colds and the list can goes on. OUR LIFE WAS TRULY DIFFERENT, FOR THE BETTER AND WE WERE GLAD! I HAD FOUND SOMETHING THAT EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS, IT DID WHAT IT SAID IT WOULD DO.

When you find something that changes your life so dramatically, you want to shout it from the roof tops, and so I did! She told me I could make money sharing my results with others. What a concept, I could buy it from myself, save an incredible amount of money in the process, helping the planet and the people I love while and making my family healthier, I decided this was the best kept secret in the world. I have been shouting “save the planet” save your health” a lot longer than it has been fashionable to be “green”. 


The best thing I did was to FIRST: make a decision SECOND: Have a dream that I would not let ANYONE steal from me. THIRD: I was determined to BUILD something that would not only make a difference in the world, but eventually get to a point that I would be paid, even when I’m NOT working. Just like actors, singers and song writers.

Where do you want your life to be 10 years from now? Do you have a plan? I have a system and a process. I have helped many…. Why not YOU? What if you could earn money today from work you did years ago? It’s a great concept, so don’t let it fall through your fingers because of doubt. Let me help YOU!  Click CONTACT ME and let's set up a time to talk..... an open mind CAN make you Millions my friend!